Client Login Assist

Sometimes, NUCoach clients (patients, participants, subjects etc) logout from NUCoach mobile app and they need to re login in order to follow their activities.

Login to NUCoach is simple, however some, might find it difficult. In this case, Coaches can send a magic link as text to clients to help them automatically login.

To compose the login link, coaches need to know clients username and password.

you can copy and paste the link bellow and replace “USERNAME” & “PASSWORD” with the one of your client.*PASSWORD


Using NUCoach console AngularJS modules in Coaching Modules


It is possible to use angularJS built in modules in coachActivity and coachCard codes.

Here are the list of modules that you can use


FAQ: How can I get access to NUCoach?

NUCoach is available exclusively to the members of the Consortium on Technology for Proactive Care, an international research partnership lead by Northeastern University’s Health Behavior Informatics Lab. To learn more about the Consortium, visit our website.

We are currently unable to offer access to NUCoach to researchers outside of our active projects, but we plan to do this in the future. Our team is small, so we need additional resources in order to support more projects. We are currently developing ways to expand our capabilities.

One way to obtain access to NUCoach is to collaborate with us on a grant application. We would be happy to discuss potential joint projects, large or small, to see if the project would be a good fit. Please contact us to start the conversation.