Communicating with other users

NUCoach allows users to communicate with each other in multiple ways (depending on their role):

  • Via the app. Coaches and participants in a project can communicate with each other through the app only. By tapping the envelope icon on the NUCoach app, a user can start a conversation with an individual or a group. These conversations will only appear in the app, except for….
  • Via the console dashboard/chat (coach to coaches). Coaches in a project can communicate with each other through the app AND the console dashboard. From the app, tap the envelope icon just like above. From the web dashboard, navigate to the lower right screen and click the light blue box that says Chat With Other Coaches. These conversations are seamless; in other words, one conversation can be accessed through both mechanisms. This is the most efficient way for all of the coaches on a project to communicate with each other.
  • Via the console dashboard/text message (coach to participant). Coaches in a project can send instant one-way messages to participants in that project by clicking the envelope next to the participant’s user name. This will generate a pop-up window in which you can write a brief message to a participant. You can also see previously sent messages by clicking the History tab.

Please note the following:

  • Notifications will only be received through the mobile app.
  • It is not recommended that participants use the mobile app communication feature at this time, as messages can easily be missed by coaches.
  • Participants cannot respond to text messages generated through the dashboard, so remember to include a phone number if they need to call you back.

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