NUCoach User Profiles

There are two ways to access your NUCoach profile:

  1. From the web version, log in through Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the top of the right corner of the page and click on the gray bar with your user name. This will bring you to your Social Profile.
  2. From the mobile app: log in (if needed). You should land on the home page. If you’re not on the home page, touch the house icon. Touch the gray bar on the top right that says Profile.

Things you can do from the mobile profile:

  • Update your public name. For coaches, this should include your first name. For study participants, this should be their coded user name.
  • Upload/change your picture. Pictures are recommended for coach users but not for study participants.
  • Update your mobile phone number. This is critical for receiving system notifications.
  • View current project/unlink and logout. By touching the name of the project listed under Active Project, you will see the name of the project, the dates of enrollment, and the project’s coaches. This is also where an individual can switch projects by selecting Unlink and Logout at the bottom of this screen.
  • Manage sensor connections. This is where researchers and coaches are able to connect a sensor to a NUCoach account. To link successfully, the user will need their device’s account information. For instance, if a project requires a Misfit tracker, the participant will need a Misfit username and password in addition to their NUCoach username and password.
  • Select preferred method of notification. System notifications, including action plan activities and reminders, will always default to text message. However, if you prefer, you can change this setting to only send phone notifications. This is not recommended as it typically more difficult to find notifications on your phone.
  • Logout. This will log you out of NUCoach; when you log back in, you will still be connected to your active project. If you need to switch projects, scroll up to Active Project, then scroll to Unlink and Logout at the bottom. Make sure that you have sent a request to the Project Manager to be added to your desired project.

Additional things that you can do from your web profile:

  • Edit your “About” section. This is part of your Social Profile and not viewable through the mobile application.
  • View the user’s operating system. Under Personal Profile, you can check which OS a user currently has. This can be useful for troubleshooting.
  • Reset your password. Under Account Settings, you can click the blue button to send password reset instructions to your email. This can be used to reset passwords for study participants.

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