Sensor integrations: Misfit

One of the first integrations that we established for our pilot researchers was for the Misfit Flash. Using the Misfit Cloud API, NUCoach is able to access data collected by the Misfit device (transmitted via the Misfit mobile app) by communicating with the Misfit database. We are able to access information like steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep. In order for us to collect this information, the user must open up the Misfit device at least once per day, preferably at the end of each day so we can access the most accurate summary data.

To set up a participant with Misfit:

  1. Before you start: (a) make sure Bluetooth is turned on; (b) bring extra Misfit devices and batteries; (c) if you have more than one Misfit device with you, remove the batteries from the devices that you are not currently using.
  2. Download the Misfit and NUCoach mobile apps on the participant’s smart phone.
  3. Create a Misfit account for the participant (either on the mobile app or via a web browser). We often provide the user with a new email address so they will not receive marketing emails from Misfit, but any valid email address will work. Make sure to note the username and password–you will need this later.
  4. Link the Misfit device with the Misfit mobile app by following the instructions in the app. It will ask you to select the appropriate device; then it will scan the immediate area to find the device via Bluetooth signal. Once the app has found the device, select that device option in the app to continue the linking process. The device will light up when syncing is successful.
  5. Create a NUCoach account for the participant. (See here for instructions.)
  6. Send the NUCoach username to the project manager so that s/he can add the participant to the correct project and set up an Action Plan (if needed).
  7. Once the participant has been added to the project, the project will become available in the participant’s NUCoach app. Select the available project in the app to continue. This will bring you to the home page (the default home page is an analog clock; this will depend on the project).
  8. Click Profile in the upper right corner. This will direct you to User Preferences.
  9. Make sure that the mobile number located in User Preferences is the participant’s correct mobile number.
  10. Scroll down to Sensor Connections. You will see several sensors available for connection.
  11. Select Misfit, then press Link. This will open the Misfit login page in the native browser on the participant’s phone.
  12. Enter the email and password created in Step 2 and click Sign In. This will take you to another page in the browser to confirm the Misfit’s connection with DeepHealth, the database behind NUCoach. IMPORTANT: The phone may ask how you want to open the following page. Select the browser option and “Just Once.”
  13. If you have successfully linked, you will see this message in the browser: “Successfully linked your Misfit account. You may close this window.” Additionally, the participant will receive a text message from NUCoach confirming the connection.
  14. Ask a coach on the project to set up a sample message that includes a link to NUCoach. Once the message is received (via text), click on the link. As in step 10, the phone may ask how you want to open the link. This time, select NUCoach and “Always.” This will make sure that the user is able to interact with NUCoach as intended.


The Misfit device won’t sync with the Misfit app.

  • Turn Bluetooth off and back on.
  • Replace the battery in the Misfit that you are trying to link.
  • Use a different Misfit device.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Misfit application.

NUCoach text message links are opening in a browser instead of NUCoach. (This happens most often in Android devices; The instructions below are general and will be slightly different depending on the specific device.)

  • Find the Settings icon on the user’s phone.
  • Go to Applications (or Apps) and find NUCoach.
  • Find “Open by default” or similar option.
  • The options within “Open by default” will ask how you want to open hyperlinks that trigger NUCoach to open. Select “Open in app” and “Always.”

To disconnect from Misfit:

  1. Open the NUCoach application
  2. Click Profile in the upper right corner. This will direct you to User Preferences.
  3. Scroll down to Sensor Connections. You will see several sensors available for connection.
  4. Select Misfit, then press Unlink. This will prevent our system from collecting Misfit data and sending you additional text messages reminding you to sync.

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