Unenrolling a participant

When a participant finishes or drops out of a study, there are several steps that you must take to ensure data security and integrity.

  • Terminate the participant’s action plan. From the NUCoach console dashboard, click the blue arrow to the left of the participant’s Action Plan. Select the first option in red text–Terminate Action Plan. (Do NOT select Delete Action Plan. This will result in lost data.)
  • Delete the participant’s phone number and terminate their sensor subscription(s). Log into the participant’s account using the mobile interface:¬†https://nucoach.org/mobile. (To properly view this, select Options on your internet browser, then More Tools, then Developer Tools. This should allow you to see the display as a smartphone.) In their Profile, change the phone number to 000-000-0000 and save. Scroll down to sensor subscriptions, and select a sensor that says Linked. On the next screen, select the option to Unlink. This will prevent participants from receiving additional messages.
  • Mark the Action Plan status as Dropped or Completed.¬†This will inform other coaches that they do not need to follow up with this participant.

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